William Strunk Jr.

William Strunk Jr.




William Strunk Jr. was born on this day in 1869(-1946). He was a Professor of English at Cornell University. He wrote The Elements of Style which was published in 1920. It was expanded and revised by E.B. White, who was a former student of Strunk’s, and was published in 1959.


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Post A Quote Challenge- Day One

I was nominated to take part in Post A Quote Challenge. Thank you Zach Chopchinski. I don’t know if there is anyone left to nominate but I’ll do my best. If I do this wrong forgive me. I’m new here. Here we go.

Jessica’s Family Genealogy -Jessica has great stories about her family.

Myths of the Mirror – D. Wallace Peach’s blog is fantastic for all creative people.

The Modest Verge Book Blog – If you want suggestions on what to read next then this blog is for you.


3 responses to “William Strunk Jr.

  1. I can usually sound out a new word phonetically, but if I can’t figure out what it means even with the way it is used in the sentence, I tend to get pissed off some when I feel a great need to look up the word in an online dictionary.


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