Short Stories





The Fall

Amelia Sharp has never been normal. So she knows that when she meets a woman who could be her twin, on the very night she decides to take her own life, it isn’t going to end well. Dixie Devereaux just wanted to take care of her dying sister and be there for her last breath. A man who doesn’t die even when Dixie shoots him changes the course of both of their lives forever. Providing that either of them have a forever. One of them will find out that forever becomes something more when you have the power to go anywhere and be anything you want. That is, if she can carry off being a pirate and hold off a group of warrior monks who want her and her new friends dead.

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Nutcrackers and a Nativity Scene

July Spencer gave up being an assassin to help people, but she has her limits. A man, claiming to be an elf, is in obvious need of help. July’s assistant, Gemma, offers to help before July can make a case against the man’s mental state. Can she get the elf carrying Santa’s prized nutcracker to the angel in the living nativity? Better yet, why would anyone want to traverse a crowded mall on Christmas eve?

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Near Miss edit_two

Near Miss

One reformed killer, one life long killer, and plenty of blame to go around.

A simple job for an old friend becomes a dangerous game of cat and mouse. July must make sure the next body that turns up isn’t her own.

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