The Kensington Shaw Adventures



Dance Hall Disaster -1-

You can also read it here.

It’s the roaring twenties and purveyor of magical objects, Kensington Shaw, finds herself in the miffle of a police drug investigation. Expensive, intoxicating, and lethal, Dal is the drug of choice for those who can afford to buy it. When six people collapse at a dance, one of them being her dance partner, Kensi becomes determined to find out why. Her only true obstacle is the detective who won’t give her the time of day until he suspects her of murder.




Darkness Becomes You -2-

You can also read it here.

Kensington Shaw is smart, very rich, and very dangerous. It’s the dangerous that gets her into trouble the most. She obtains and sells enchanted objects but she doesn’t sell to just anyone. When she does a favor for her friend Betty she finds out how dangerous her job can really be.

Detective Kane is still working on the mystery that is Kensington Shaw. He still has nothing but questions and she isn’t giving any answers. The only thing he knows for certain is that she keeps finding dead bodies. Bodies that he isn’t convinced that she helped put there.

They both have secrets and they’re going to get one of them killed.


Interlude With Death cover


Interlude With Death -3-

You can also read it here.

As Kensington Shaw spends the remainder of her holiday vacation with her fireproof Christmas tree and its enchanted lights, she receives an unexpected visitor who makes an impression that Kensi will not soon forget.

The Angel of Death has decided to visit. Why? He wishes to learn how Kensington finds bodies, something Detective Kane has spent a full month thinking about. Things get complicated when zombies start breaking her windows and the Angel of Death wants to see what the great Kensington Shaw will come up with to stop them.




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